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RetroPlate 99 is a chemically reactive liquid which enhances concrete density and hardness, allowing concrete sufaces to be polished to a high, marble like sheen. In conjunction with diamond tools and machinery, and the process of grinding and polishing concrete, it is known as the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System. By chemically treating concrete surfaces and polishing the bare concrete, the RetroPlate System creates a highly abrasion resistant, dustproofed, polished and aesthetically pleasing floor that is very easy to clean and maintain.

Cost for

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Densified Floor Surface

RetroPlate chemically and mechanically locks-up pores at the concrete floor’s surface. This densification process aids in inhibiting the penetration of water, oils and other contaminants.


The RetroPlate densification process closes off the surface of the floor and locks-in concrete salts, keeping the surface from dusting. This dramatically reduces maintenance costs by keeping equipment, machinery, and finished manufactured products free of concrete dust.

Increased Abrasion Resistance

A RetroPlate floor increases the abrasion resistance of a normal concrete floor by up to 400% (ASTM C779). As a concrete surface treatment, RetroPlate provides the greatest increase in strength at the top of the floor and allows for unmatched abrasion resistance throughout.

Increased Floor Hardness

Independent testing has proven that RetroPlate increases a floor’s impact resistance by up to 21% (ASTM C805).

LEED Qualified

RetroPlate floors are Green! RetroPlate is – pure and simple – a modified sodium silicate which reacts with the calcium hydroxide (free lime) in the cement component of concrete. In utilizing RetroPlate, customers are taking safe, naturally occurring materials to enhance the strength of their concrete floors.

Lowest Life Cycle Cost

RetroPlate has the LOWEST per square foot life-cycle cost of any floor covering or coating. It saves money in both the initial installation, as well as in future maintenance and labor costs.  Rather than cover up the floor with multiple coatings to hide the inherent problems of concrete, our Certified Applicators create polished floors to last a lifetime. Through the use of grinding and polishing, in conjunction with the specially formulated RetroPlate product, there is no need for topical sealers.

Marble-Like Shine / Increased Light Reflectivity

As a result of the polished shine, some RetroPlate floors have proven to reduce lighting costs by 1/3 due to it’s light reflective properties.

Reduced Maintenance

By creating a smooth, dust-free surface, maintenance is reduced dramatically, and tire marks are completely eliminated. Many companies around the world have had their maintenance costs for labor and cleaning products reduced.

Unlimited Decorative Combinations
RetroPlate provides a functional solution to floor problems, as well as being architecturally and design ambitious.  The unique ability of the RetroPlate System to combine the architectural, artistic nature of design with function and permanence of the best densifier in the business allows for unlimited possibilities for floor design.